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Monday, December 9, 2013

~When Life Brings Lemons~

Lemon is truly a class act and a good friend. What was intended to be a profile pinup shoot evolved into something more as Mr. Dawes' camera could not stop capturing incredible angles of this gorgeous woman! Below are a small sample of the images captured from the scene. The series is complete now and ALL of the images from this intensely erotic shoot can be seen on the Flickr link below. Thank you, Lemon for being such a great model and a pure joy to work with. ~Mr. Dawes

Sunday, December 1, 2013

"Simply ~ Lemon"

Lemon is a sweet blond treat that is not sour by any stretch of the imagination! I have tried to catch up with this young starlet for several weeks and finally had the opportunity. Lemon quietly slips in and out of the porn and modeling scene without getting caught up in the craziness that comes with being beautiful and trying to impress the 'popular kids on the block' which I admire in her greatly. 

Here are a few of the 19 images edited and showcased on the Flickr page that has samples of many different profile style pics. Enjoy this delicious Lemon dessert ... I know I always do.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Pump n Go" ~ featuring Simony

"Pump n Go" - with Simony Love

This photo set was done to capture still shots of the movie produced, written, and directed by Girl Next Door Productions found on SL Porntube as "Pump n Go". See the film on PornTube Here. Simony Love is a long time friend and was one of my very first models when I started out shooting porn in January of 2013. Shown here initially meant to be a "solo" shoot ... Sim was just so HOT and such a tease that the solo shoot turned into a duet with Sim's good friend Jack Michaels as well as Mrs. Dawes standing by watching. Shot entirely during richly detailed roleplay in the way that Mr. Dawes and the models enjoy most. Hope you enjoy ... we know we did :-)

A very special "thanks" goes out to Mr. Jack Michaels of Girl Next Door Productions. Mr. Michaels runs one of the classiest film agencies I have ever encountered and is himself a true gentleman. Sadly, a rarity among the men in Second Life. Thank you Mr. Michaels ... I certainly look forward to working with you on any project again. ~ Mr. Dawes


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Engagement Day

My work still kept here since the shots are beautiful. Too bad this person lied for months using alts to deceive and break promises she made. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Bouncy and Beautiful" ~ Becky

Our feature model Rebecaa "Becky" Paine grew up in a small countryside town and is a very hot 21 year old! This gorgeous girl has posed for another before but, as things happen, the images were lost. Thankfully, she was captured here and preserved by the careful eye of Mr. Dawes.

Full Set seen here on Flickr

Becky describes herself as being "curious" but, admits that a friend of hers says she is "naughty". It is interesting because I do find both to go very well together ... Becky is definitely a naughty curious girl. Before modeling and surely during her run as a model, Becky LOVES shopping! An aspiration of this young vixen would be to someday own her own island ... funny since having that aspiration in RL is reserved for a select few while in SL it is quite possible. Check out these hot images of the young and talented Becky with more interview to follow a little further down the page.

On a usual night in SL Becky can be found hanging out at bars and naughty places like the "Cocksucker's Clearinghouse" or shopping at one of her favorite stores. A few "guilty pleasures" that this young vixen has are sex with strangers, big bananas and chocolate, and more shopping! In SL, Becky admires all the people who spend the time and money to make SL such a beautiful place and when she needs to find peace she goes home to relax in her comfy little place. As far as turn-ons for this little hottie ... she loves nudity, sex in public, and bondage. For anyone lucky enough to cross paths with this incredible girl you will not be disappointed. She is as sweet as they come and her patience is to be admired. Thank you for your patience Becky and I hope you do someday own that island and live out all the dreams and fantasies you can think up! ! Mr. Dawes

Sunday, October 20, 2013

"Capturing" Constance

One of a photographer's challenges is to "capture" the beauty and complexity of a three-dimensional scene or person and display it in a two-dimensional format. The phrase, "that picture does not do you justice" is born from such a challenge. This set, and every other, are an attempt at capturing that beauty with the gorgeous Constance making a splash here into the modeling and porn scene.

Constance is a 27 year old transgender beauty who would describe herself in one word as "introspective". From the American Midwest, Constance is bisexual with a preference towards women who, before modeling, was a dancer at some of SL's finest all-gender clubs. 

The stunning Constance is turned "on" by beauty, intelligence, imagination, the ability to write and fire the imagination through words. She enjoys being nude in public and with a body like hers, I am sure everyone else enjoys that as well. Constance's latest hobby involves photography ... taking her own images and posing for others. When asked who Constance admires most in SL, she replied with a very poignant and observant answer in saying ... "Jessica Lyon.  As the founder/Project Manager of the Phoenix Firestorm Viewer Project, she herds cats in her spare time . . . and does it exceptionally well.  A lot of us owe our continued presence on SL to her dedication and selfless hard work."

Constance can be found at her favorite hangout the BK Club where she enjoys watching others be intimate. When asked what she cannot live without in SL her reply was ... "ummm sex. Can anyone do without it in SL?" And to reply to her, I haven't met anyone yet! Constance is truly a remarkable and intelligent woman with a little extra for those fortunate enough to be in the presence of her company. When she feels like finding a place of peace, she enjoys going to a well landscaped sim and sitting back relaxing and enjoying the beauty. Looking forward to seeing more work and projects starring this gorgeous woman!